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Please meet our newest Construction Site Supervisor!

He has nearly 20 years of experience with Habitat for Humanity and has helped build over 100 homes

Please welcome Ken Jollofsky, one of our Construction Site Supervisors! Ken brings with him nearly 20 years of experience with Habitat for Humanity. He has spent most of his career working with non-profits and has helped build over 100 homes.

"I’ve gotten to see young children whose homes I built go on to college and good jobs, which would have been very hard to do from a life of chaos and struggle. The simple change of affordable, secure, and safe homes enabled their parents to have less stress and more attention for their children," Ken said of his years working with Habitat.

Before making the move to Colorado, he spent 15 years as a construction supervisor with a Habitat affiliate in Charlottesville, Virginia. In that role, he helped turn the Sunrise Trailer Park into a permanent community. That was done in order to prevent the displacement of its residents.

"It was the first project meant specifically to prevent displacement of trailer park residents where the land was on the verge of redevelopment. We kept all the residents that wanted to stay (most of them), and built a mixed income community that included other Habitat homeowners and also market rate homebuyers," he added.

Ken was recently hired as a Construction Site Supervisor for the Flatirons Habitat for Humanity. That role will take him to our build sites in the community. He will be working with our other Construction Site Supervisor Brendan Bunker.

Ken said he is enjoying this transition and always welcomes volunteers of any kind, whether you know which end of a hammer to grab or not, to join him.

Here at Flatirons Habitat for Humanity, we are always striving for more affordable housing options in the community and we need volunteers to help us make that a reality.

"By volunteering we have an opportunity to reach across boundaries of race, gender, religion, and class by working and sharing side by side. We literally build community as we build homes, if we keep that consciousness in mind," Ken said.

Ken said by volunteering, it can help facilitate a connection to affordable housing and projects that address poverty and suffering. This can lead to a continued relationship with Habitat. It can also help build knowledge around affordable housing and encourage more to advocate for policies that build community.

For more information regarding how to volunteer with Flatirons Habitat for Humanity, please click the volunteer button at the top of this page.


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