ReStore: Donate

Hello friends and family of FlatIrons ReStore! We have great news and important information. We will be moving our store! Our New location will take a month or two to get ready. Location will be disclosed soon. With our planned move, starting Sept 9, we will stop accepting donations, and reduce our inventory with awesome Blow Out Moving Sales! This with go through September. More information will follow. We look forward to serving you at our new location soon!  
Your donations help keep the Flatirons Habitat ReStore running! Please review the below donation guidelines to ensure that your donation experience runs smoothly. 
PLEASE NOTE: Our address is 1 Park Street, Broomfield, CO. You may NOT drop off donation items at FHFH's administrative office in Lafayette. 

Donation Guidelines
Please note: All donations must be approved and are accepted at the discretion of the ReStore manager and staff. The guidelines on this page are not all-inclusive, and all donations are reviewed individually.  

​Before you bring us a donation, please look over your item to make sure that it is: 

  • In reusable and sellable condition

  • Clean and in working order with all parts

  • Free of stains, tears, pet damage, extensive wear, burn holes, or extensive odors

  • Donated appliances must be less than ten years old, clean, with no visible rust, and in good working condition.

Yes, please! 

Examples of donations we love to receive: 

  • Clothing

  • Furniture

  • Linens

  • Appliances (no older than 2008)

  • Electronics

  • Flat-screen TVs and computer monitors

  • Books, CDs, DVDs, videos, records, and comic books

  • Housewares and home decor

  • Tools

  • Auto accessories and parts

  • Framed artwork

  • Antiques and collectibles

  • Sporting goods

  • Jewelry and furs

  • Lamps

  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets

  • Faucets and kitchen/bathroom fixtures

  • Sinks and shower basins

  • Toilets (must be low-flow and have all pieces)

  • Plumbing and electrical supplies

  • Doors and windows

  • New tile (must be able to cover 50 square feet)

  • Unopened paint and stain

  • Lumber

  • Countertops (stone or new formica)

No, thank you. 

Examples of donations we cannot accept:

  • Appliances, TVs, or computers manufactured more than 10 years ago

  • Used mattresses, box springs, waterbeds, or air mattresses

  • Sleeper sofas

  • Computer accessories

  • Strollers, cribs, or car seats

  • Used bicycle helmets

  • Used tires

  • Chemicals

  • Propane or butane tanks

  • Large wood entertainment centers or desks

  • Metal desks

  • Toilets with a tank reservoir larger than 1.6 gallons

  • Children's toys

  • Non-UL-approved extension cords

  • Hair dryers

  • Older bunk beds with bed rails larger than 3.5 inches

  • Bean bag chairs with zippers

  • Flat-panel, hollow-core doors

  • Used shower doors

  • Trampolines

  • Jetted tubs

  • Used ceiling fans

  • Used formica countertops

  • Any materials that have been left outside

  • Miscellaneous of leftover wood

  • Lightbulbs

Administrative office:

201 E. Simpson St.,
Lafayette CO 80026



1 Park St.

Broomfield, CO 80020

(303) 404-2008