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Our latest Construction Crew Leader through AmeriCorps wants to make a difference in peoples' lives

Ellie Wall brings with her a passion for the outdoors and a longtime interest in volunteer work!

Please welcome Ellie Wall! She is the latest addition to our construction team and will be serving the community as a Construction Crew Leader through AmeriCorps. Ellie brings with her a passion for the outdoors and an eagerness to make a difference in peoples' lives.

Ellie will be serving with us for one year and her presence is result of our continued partnership with AmeriCorps. She has already been a huge help at our Ponderosa site in north Boulder as we wrap up the first triplex of that project.

The Ponderosa Mobile Home Park is owned by the city of Boulder and is home to a diverse and tight-knit community. We at Flatirons Habitat aim to minimize displacement, preserve long-term affordability, replace outdated infrastructure, reduce flood risk to the community and introduce new energy-efficient affordable housing options there. We are working with Boulder to build more than 60 homes at Ponderosa over a period of 10 years .

Ellie joins us from Regis University in Denver where she recently graduated from and worked at the university's Outdoor Adventure Program. That position allowed her to work with volunteer interns each year to develop their outdoor technical skills and professional skills. Those experiences inspired her to join us now as a Construction Crew Leader.

The Colorado native says she is motivated by a longtime interest in nonprofit work and community service. Growing up in Westminster, she has engaged in a number of volunteer opportunities.

"I have always been interested in nonprofit work because I want the work I do to make an impact on my community. I've volunteered throughout my life and decided that doing a year of service is something I wanted to accomplish and now is the time to make that happen," she said.

Ellie's foray into community service includes volunteering at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Denver CASA, which supports and helps underrepresented abused and neglected children in that city's court system, as well as engaging in community outreach through her father's Rotary Club and nonprofit courses she took during her time at Regis.

She says those experiences have showed "that I belong in the nonprofit field, where I know every day I can show up for my community and make a difference with the work I do."

Ellie's new position with us through AmeriCorps will allow her to continue that cycle of community service while learning new skills and meeting new people.

"I'm excited to start this new role because I want to spend my time making a difference in people's lives and empowering people to learn new skills. Since I don't have any construction experience, I want to learn how to teach new skills and support volunteers as I'm learning them myself," she said.

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