John Bosio 
Restoration Specialists
Jeremy Syz
Vice President and Secretary
Holland & Hart LLP​
Scott Aylor
Holli Hendrickson
Community Strategies Institute 
Rich Jortberg
Commercial Real Estate Consultant
Melissa Ribordy
Boulder Valley School District
Hailey Van Wormer
WrenPro Consulting
Peter Weber
Coburn Partners​


Susan Lythgoe
Executive Director
(303) 447-3787 ext. 232
Jonah Kinchy
Director of Construction
(303) 447-3787 ext. 218
Devin Burke
Construction Site Superviser
Tucker Carlson
Construction Site Superviser
Elana Brown

Construction Site Supervisor

Luke Holwald
ReStore Manager
(303) 404-2008
Teresa Donahue
ReStore Assistant Manager
Rick Gutierriez 
ReStore Driver & Warehouse Assistant
Debra Scott 
ReStore Cashier
Steve Hinson
Assistant Executive Director
(303) 447-3787 ext. 230
Laurie Staniforth
Chief Operating Officer
(303) 447-3787 ext. 227
Brandon McMahon
Community Relations Manager
(303) 447-3787 ext. 234
Jenny Ray
Grants Manager
(303) 447-3787 ext. 224
Linda Sanders

Family Services Manager

(303) 447-3787 ext. 222

Pam Mayhew

Volunteer Coordinator

(303) 447-3787 ext. 231

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