John Bosio 
Restoration Specialists

Holli Hendrickson
Vice President and Secretary
Community Strategies Institute 

Scott Aylor

Shannon S Bryan
Boulder County Department of Housing

Susan Chisman
The Colorado Group

Michael DePalma
Sullivan Hayes brokerage

Bruce Hoelter
Retired Thrivent Banking

Annmarie Jensen
East County Housing Opportunity 

Kristina Knight

Akras Capital

Hailey Van Wormer
WrenPro Consulting


Susan Lythgoe
Executive Director
(303) 447-3787 ext. 232
Brendan Bunker

Construction Assistant

Luke Holwald
ReStore Manager
(303) 404-2008
Rick Gutierriez 
ReStore Driver & Warehouse Assistant
Debra Scott 
ReStore Cashier
Steve Hinson
Assistant Executive Director
(303) 447-3787 ext. 230
Laurie Staniforth
Chief Operating Officer
(303) 447-3787 ext. 227
Brandon McMahon
Community Relations Manager
(303) 447-3787 ext. 234
Jenny Ray
Grants Manager
(303) 447-3787 ext. 224
Linda Sanders

Family Services Manager

(303) 447-3787 ext. 222

Pam Mayhew

Volunteer Coordinator

(303) 447-3787 ext. 231

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