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Consider Contributing To Affordable Housing In Your Community!

The pandemic hit everyone hard and accelerated an existing housing affordability crisis. But we continued to build during that time.

We are pleased to announce that after completing a nine-home build, three homeowners moved into their newly constructed homes at Palo Parkway in North Boulder last August. In addition to that, staff and volunteers at the Ponderosa Mobile home site are collaborating daily.

We also plan to begin a second triplex at 22nd and Violet soon, a project that will include 4 units- 1 of these fully accessible. Additionally, we provide Critical Home Repairs and Home Rehabilitations. Our work never stops, and we have taken on even more projects recently, aligning with our mission. We need your help!

Flatirons Habitat relies on the continued support of our community to meet our ambitious goals. Without the dedicated support from our community, we would not be able to continue this work.

We invite you to join us!!

Any dollar amount makes an immense impact on our operations. Below are a few examples of how your investment is distributed:

  • $100: Nails

  • $500: Doors  

  • $1,000: Flooring

  • $2,500: Appliances

  • $5,000: Framing

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. We look forward to collaborating with you! Thank you for your time, consideration, and stewardship of our community. Through shelter, we empower.


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