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Our new Construction Crew Leader through AmeriCorps wants to help others, breakout of comfort zone!

Please welcome Keaton Kirrene! He is the latest addition to our Flatirons Habitat construction team and will be serving the community as a Construction Crew Leader through AmeriCorps. Keaton brings with him an eagerness to do good for others while simultaneously pushing himself outside of his comfort zone.

Below are a few words Keaton would like to share about himself and why he chose to be with us for a year.

My name is Keaton Kirrene. I am from Sacramento, California. I just graduated from Oregon State University with bachelors degrees in sociology and psychology. I personally have no previous experience with construction. Most of my experience is with interpersonal communication and group dynamics. At OSU, I was in charge of fraternity brotherhood events, helped in starting a fraternal mental health committee, and assisted Oregon State with the development of a peer support program as a member of the Counseling and Psychological Services Student-Advisory Board. During this period with AmeriCorps, I will also be working on psychology research.

I chose to work here because I wanted to do good for others while simultaneously pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. I only started recently, but the experiences that I have had with coworkers and volunteers have been very rewarding. Everyone has been so kind, informative, and friendly so far. There are many knowledgeable people on-site and it has been great to learn from them. It seems as though there is a unique community inside of this organization and I am proud to join it. I am excited both to learn and to help families build the houses they deserve.


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