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How to take a stand for affordable housing: Become an advocate with Flatirons Habitat

A crowd of voices is undoubtedly more powerful than just one. Flatirons Habitat for Humanity aims to advocate for those in need of affordable housing - but we need our neighbors and partners to join us in order to drive positive change.

Building Habitat homes is about more than just construction. City, state, and federal policies regarding zoning, land use, credit and more affect where we build homes. So along with construction, advocating for fair policies that promote equitable and inclusive housing opportunities is a key component of our work.

Community members can act as advocates too. It’s as simple as defending a cause you feel strongly about. It means supporting a course of action in order to see tangible results.

It means working to argue against unjust policies by speaking up for those who are affected by them. It may seem daunting to speak out and argue for a cause, but we believe that the risks of advocating for affordable housing are minuscule compared to the risks of doing nothing at all.

We invite community members to become advocates for affordable housing. Here are just a few ways that you can help:

Habitat for Humanity’s cost of home campaign, which began on June 12, shines a light on the global issue of affordable housing and works to urge legislators to take action. There are many ways in which others can help advocate for decent, safe and affordable housing. Click here to learn more.

By speaking up and joining Habitat’s efforts, you can play a major role in helping families seize the opportunities and benefits that are the result of a secure roof over their heads. Let’s work together to make the cost of home something everyone can afford!

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