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Habitat serves partner families and communities through sustainable building

In an effort to benefit Habitat families and the environment, Flatirons Habitat for Humanity is committed to building each house to the highest standards of energy efficiency and green building.

Green building consists of constructing homes to LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Platinum Standards, combining Flatirons Habitat’s recognition of its families’ needs with those of the environment. Meeting the Platinum standard is rigorous: LEED points are earned across nine basic categories throughout the construction process. We accrue points through high-efficiency heating and water systems, Solar PV Panels, Energy Star appliances and light fixtures, high performance windows, high-efficiency irrigation systems, and more sustainable features. If a building reaches the highest number of points, it qualifies for the Platinum ranking, the most prestigious LEED rating level.

By building to these standards, we are able to keep our homes affordable for partner families in the long-term. Our homes are expected to have lower utility bills, a healthier indoor environment, and fewer maintenance expenses throughout the home’s life. Money saved on utility bills can be put to use for other necessary and healthy aspects of families’ lives, like the investment in college tuition, which may not have been an option without a simple, decent and affordable home.

Environmentally-friendly homes are also a priority as we think about the communities we’re building in. Colorado has successfully made it on the Green Building Council’s Top Ten States for LEED Building Per Capita for eight consecutive years. Its secure spot on the list is based on its dedication to designing, constructing and operating sustainable buildings. By building to the highest standards of sustainability, we ensure that Habitat homes reflect our community’s values.

Habitat’s commitment in 2010 to sustainable homes helped bring the community together and build momentum for construction projects, according to Flatirons Habitat Grants Manager Jenny Ray. The build at Northfield Village, Flatirons Habitat’s first LEED Platinum-certified home, encouraged more volunteers and partners to become involved with Habitat projects. Since Northfield Village, all Flatirons Habitat homes have been built to LEED Platinum standards.

The reason Flatirons Habitat builds each home - and the sustainable standards to which they are built - creates, protects and supports affordable housing, deserving families and long-lasting communities.

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