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Family Feature: Elizabeth

For Elizabeth, homeownership means remaining a part of the community where she has made great friends, established herself in a job that she adores, and found a church that she loves.

For the last several years, remaining in Boulder was becoming more and more difficult for Elizabeth. As rent continued to climb, she applied for a loan to purchase a home. She qualified for a loan of $100,000 – not enough to become a homeowner in Boulder County. So Elizabeth continued renting and sharing an apartment with roommates. But there were major downsides to that living situation for Elizabeth, 62. For one, she didn’t have space for her sons when they came to visit, let alone her first granddaughter.

Now, Elizabeth is partnering with Flatirons Habitat for Humanity. She is looking to becoming the owner of a two-bedroom unit at FHFH’s King’s Ridge development in Boulder – the community where she’s established her career, built friendships, and become involved in a church that she loves.

Having a home of her own means that Elizabeth will finally have space to host family from out of town. Her first grandbaby, Jubilee, was born in February 2017, and another is on the way in June 2019. Of course, she’ll also make room for Jubilee’s parents --- her son, German, and his wife, Lauren, who live in Philadelphia, where German is a computer engineer -- or her son Diego, who lives in Seattle, and is an aerospace engineer. She also looks forward to more family time with her only local son, Pablo, who lives in Lafayette with his wife Liz and works as a computer engineer in Boulder.

Her new King’s Ridge home will also allow Elizabeth to remain close to her job as a preschool paraprofessional at a bilingual elementary school. Talking about her job brings a beaming smile to Elizabeth’s face. “I work with an amazing teacher … we get along well and have fun. The kids are so amazing, they give you so much love. You can see they’re learning. I really enjoy my job.”

She will also continue attending Calvary Bible Church in Boulder, where she participates in the mission trip program. She’s travelled to Nicaragua with Calvary where she worked with House of Hope, an organization that serves women trapped in sex trafficking.

Elizabeth has rheumatoid arthritis, but you wouldn’t know it from how active she is. She hikes and bikes and takes dance classes at the North Boulder Recreation Center. She is also completing sweat equity hours with the help of her family and friends. Having a permanent home at King's Ridge means that Elizabeth can age safely in place and continue to lead an active lifestyle.

In her own home, Elizabeth will be able to keep up the pace and maintain connections with her family, her preschool kids, her church, her friends. That's why Elizabeth is so excited to partner with Flatirons Habitat.

“It was surprising, so exciting, I’m so happy, I just thank God. … (My home) will be an answered prayer.”

Photo Credit: Malory Toscano

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