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AmeriCorps Alum Steve Hinson #GetsThingsDone for Flatirons Habitat

AmeriCorps Week is a celebration of all things AmeriCorps – the people and programs who have committed to "Get Things Done" in thousands of locations across the country since the program’s inception in 1994. Earlier this week, we featured our three current AmeriCorps members, who help lead the charge for affordable housing in Boulder and Broomfield by working with Habitat families and volunteers.

Steve Hinson at a Flatirons Habitat build site.

Flatirons Habitat is also lucky to have an AmeriCorps alumnus on site. Our Director of Development, Steve Hinson, spent a year after college as an AmeriCorps VISTA at Aftercare for Indiana through Mentoring (AIM), a program providing youth leaving juvenile incarceration with mentors to help them transition and prepare for a successful future. During his AmeriSteve focused on program development and evaluation at AIM.

Prior to his AmeriCorps experience, Steve planned on pursuing a career in journalism. After earning his undergraduate degree in journalism at Indiana University, Steve worked in the field for his first year out of college. But at a point in time where the journalism industry was quickly changing, Steve wondered if a different career path would serve him better in the long-term.

He used his AmeriCorps year as an opportunity to figure out what he wanted his next step to be. An active volunteer throughout high school and college, spending a year with AIM helped guide him toward a long-lasting career in the nonprofit world.

"AmeriCorps was a great opportunity to see the inner workings of a local nonprofit and determine what route would be a best fit for me with a career in the nonprofit sector," said Steve. He eventually veered toward development since it was transferable from organization to organization regardless of differences in service and mission.

Since his AmeriCorps year, Steve has supported communities he cares about by working for organizations addressing a wide array of issues: affordable housing, youth services, food security, global health, and other great causes. Now, at Flatirons Habitat, he sees the continuing purpose that AmeriCorps members serve for nonprofits and service organizations across the country.

"AmeriCorps helps Flatirons Habitat expand its capacity with hardworking young professionals. In return, we're providing the opportunity for our AmeriCorps members to grow their career and earn valuable experiences."

From Steve's perspective, that kind of impact is invaluable.


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