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Ponderosa (Boulder)


This project aims to prevent the displacement of residents at the Ponderosa Mobile Home Park, which is a diverse, tight-knit community located at 4475 Broadway in North Boulder.

The idea is to build two to three-bedroom duplex style homes that will provide more housing options to the about 70 families that live in that community. There will also be carriage-style homes situated above garages. 


Current residents at the park will have the option of purchasing a new affordable and more energy efficient home as a result of the project or they can choose to stay in their existing homes.













This effort to provide affordable and quality homes, titled the Ponderosa Community Stabilization Project, is the result of a partnership between the city of Boulder and Flatirons Habitat for Humanity. 

This project will also feature a home built by a team of students from the University of Colorado Boulder as part of the Solar Decathlon. The collegiate competition by the U.S. Department of Energy aims to encourage students to design and build high-performance, low-carbon buildings that mitigate climate change and improve quality of life through greater affordability, resilience, and energy efficiency, according to the department's website.

Our group of students aim to build a carriage-style home at the Ponderosa site that will use sustainable and energy efficient materials in order to create a net-zero energy home

















Flatirons Habitat for Humanity aims to provide, build and advocate for safe, affordable housing that will benefit our local families. 

To learn more about how our previous projects have benefitted Boulder families, check out these three testimonies below from those who were helped by our Palo Park project in the city:

"A place to grow their family, a place to watch their sons thrive"

"Staying in the city is a luxury that many of Liliana’s brothers and sisters have not had"

“I hoped that it would help us find some stability and more comfortable living”



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