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Palo Park (Boulder)




This project created a total of 44 affordable homes in the community.  Of that number, 35 are rental units, which are managed by Boulder Housing Partners.


Flatirons Habitat for Humanity facilitated the sale of the remaining nine units, or three triplexes, that were built specifically to facilitate home ownership. 


We have found families for those homes and the project was the result of a plan that could quickly meet some of Boulder's affordable housing goals. 


The project was done in partnership with Boulder Housing Partners. The idea was to use land at 4525 Palo Parkway, which was purchased by the city of Boulder in 2006. An initial proposal to build affordable housing units on that land was submitted in 2014.

Boulder Housing Partners received approval from the city to work with Flatirons Habitat to develop a site concept plan for the project. It was a process that the community was heavily involved in. As a result, 30 community meetings were held.

The site concept plan was approved in 2016 and that eventually led to the creation of 44 additional affordable homes in the community. 



Nine families have been selected as homeowners for Palo Park. Each family is required to complete at least 225 hours of "sweat equity" and purchase their homes at an affordable price.


To learn more about how this project benefitted local families, check out these three testimonies below:

"A place to grow their family, a place to watch their sons thrive"

"Staying in the city is a luxury that many of Liliana’s brothers and sisters have not had"

“I hoped that it would help us find some stability and more comfortable living”



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