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"Connect Home" explores personal development beyond homeownership

Today I had the opportunity to meet up with a small group to discuss our emotions. As we all know, emotions are a tough topic to discuss; especially with complete strangers. After a couple ice breakers and talking about what makes us tick, we all became comfortable sharing personal and valuable information.

Connect Home is a course that is meant to help individuals; whether that help be physical, emotional, or mental. Connect Home is about creating a solid foundation within yourself so you are able to achieve your goals. Throughout this course, we discuss eight important topics that we come in contact with daily. These topics are: relationships, cognitive, emotions, finances, education, health, employment, and housing. Within each topic, we explore and evaluate our values, goals, and self-sufficiency so we can improve our current life status.

On July 11th, 2018, the topic of discussion for our one hour series focused on Emotions. Mike, Terry, Lamont, Tammy, and Linda were all great participants! We were able to discuss what they might have done poorly in the past, what they might have done well, and things to improve on in their future.

We all left the course with a small goal set in stone. Next to their goal, I mentioned that they should put a timeline on it so it gave them motivation to complete it. After the completion of the course, we all sat around and exchanged contact information so we could see how we all build upon our goals.

It has been great partnering with The Refuge, and I only hope to see our connection with them grow. I received great feedback, and our discussions really gave me insight on what is happening in our community.

A few participants did not realize that Habitat for Humanity was more than just building homes. I was glad to shed some light on how much of a resource we are outside of building homes.

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