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Thanks to everyone who joined us as we helped families rebuild in Jamestown

We say it often, but can never say it too much -- our volunteers are amazing. With work recently wrapping up on the last of our flood-rebuilding projects in Jamestown, now is the perfect time to give you all another shout out. You were such an important part of the work we did there, helping us rebuild four homes and perform critical repairs to six more. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!

We are proud to have partnered with 10 families in Jamestown to help them as they worked to find their new normal in the wake of the historic 2013 flooding, and even prouder that for most of them, we did so without any expectation of repayment via a mortgage or other loan. In one case, a family did contribute to their rebuilding, so they could construct a larger home, but mostly, we performed the work as a service to our community, with love and compassion serving as our motivation.

Completion means so much to us, but so much more to the families with whom we partnered. An email to our Executive Director Susan Lythgoe and Construction Director Michael Bautista helps illustrate just how much:

“Thank you for helping to bring this amazing idea to a reality for our family. We are so grateful!

“Susan you were one of the first people who gave us hope months after the flood. A vision that there was a way out of the confusion that we were grappling with back in late 2013 and early 2014.

“I know these flood recovery projects came with some unprecedented obstacles and we greatly thank you all for sticking with our project and helping to make our home whole again.

“ … We are so relieved to be at this stage and it feels like the healing can ultimately finally start as indeed things have worked out and it's a dream come true. ...

“Gratefully yours,

Mark, Adrienne, Juniper, Felix, and Pinto the Dog”

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