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Habitat on the Hill 2019

Each year, Habitat on the Hill unites Habitat staff, homeowners, volunteers, and partners in Washington, D.C to advocate for affordable housing. Use the resources below to get involved. ​
Know your representatives

Michael F. Bennet

U.S. Senator for Colorado

(202) 224-5852



Cory Gardner

U.S. Senator for Colorado

(202) 224-5941



Joe Neguse

House of Representatives

2nd District (Boulder/Broomfield)

(202) 225-2161


Get social

We advocate for fair affordable housing policy locally and nationally. Keep an eye out for updates and ways to voice your opinion on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  

Social media is an easy way for you to connect with policymakers. Use the sample tweets below and tag your members of Congress on February 13th. Make sure to follow @BuildLouder on Twitter as well! 

Sample tweet: @SenatorBennet @SenCoryGardner @JoeNeguse We unite with hundreds of advocates on the Capitol to ask you to support legislation for #homeaffordability: home production resources, equitable access to land, inclusive access for credit & communities of opportunity. #HabitatontheHill 

Sample tweet: @SenatorBennet @SenCoryGardner @JoeNeguse We join hundreds of #homeaffordability advocates at #HabitatontheHill to ask #Congress to fund federal programs that support housing needs and work of @Habitat_org—everyone deserves a decent place to live. #VirtualHillDay

Sample tweet: Since 1992, HOME has supported over 1.5 million jobs and has built and preserved over 1.2 million homes! Today, we ask for the continued support of the @HUDgov programs incl. HOME that are vital to the @Habitat_org mission. #HabitatontheHill #VirtualHillDay 

Sample tweet: Join @FlatironsH4H in asking @SenatorBennet @SenCoryGardner @JoeNeguse to support the USDA 502 Direct Loan program. This program provides mortgage payment assistance for families and individuals in rural communities---#HabitatontheHill #VirtualHillDay @BuildLouder @usdaRD 

Sample tweet: 10,148 @AmeriCorps members have served with @Habitat_org! @nationalservice members significantly increase the effectiveness of our programs and services. Ask #Congress to continue to support funding for @cncs #LetUsServe #HabitatontheHIll #VirtualHillDay @BuildLouder 

Sample tweet: Since 1996, SHOP has enabled nonprofits including @Habitat_org to build more than 30,000 homes and house more than 75,000 adults and children. Today, we ask #Congress to support this vital program #HabitatonteHill @Buildlouder 

Take action via email 

Click here to send a pre-populated email to your members of Congress. This email lays out all of our Hill Day asks, and we want our Senators and Representatives to receive as many messages as possible! The email is editable and we encourage you to write a message about how these programs have benefited you and your community. Your legislators will pay more attention to a personalized email. 

Call your legislators

Your legislators want to hear from their constutents! We have a script ready for you outlining legislative priorities for affordable housing and for Habitat. Click here to call your members of Congress to express your concern for the U.S. housing crisis.

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