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Discovery Homes



We have submitted technical documents and building permits to the city of Broomfield. We are currently working hard to raise funds for this project in anticipation of breaking ground in early 2023. 




The goal is to build at least nine Habitat homes as part of an envisioned community that may also include small offices and a horse therapy facility.


The envisioned community will be located on the eastern half of a parcel of land owned by the Discovery Church, which owns a total of 18 acres in Broomfield. The church previously underwent a planning process to determine how to best use some of that land. This project is a result of those discussions. 

The idea is to have some of those units ready for families as soon as 2024. The project could represent an investment of over $3 million. 

Project Partners


Discovery, A Christian Church

Community Development Block Grant Funds




The family selection process for this build will begin once there is a set start date for construction. Learn more about the homeowner selection process.

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