Cottonwood House

Cooperative Independent Senior Living Rentals for adults 55+
1397 Cottonwood Street, Broomfield CO 80020

Flatirons Habitat for Humanity and Flatirons Habitat for Humanity Community Housing Development Organization recently announced the opening of a beautiful cooperative living home in Broomfield. We are accepting rental applications for 8 single rooms in this house.


The cooperative living house is fully furnished and includes a private bedroom with beautiful built-in storage and a desk, full size bed, and a roomy closet. There is an attached bath shared with one other tenant that includes 2 separate storage and vanity areas, and a separate shower and lavatory. 


Tenants will work with staff to create and maintain a cooperative living agreement to build a quality, more communal living atmosphere with both private and shared spaces.


Rooms are income restricted. Please see below for this information.


To schedule a visit to the house or for more information, please email

Administrative office:

201 E. Simpson St.,
Lafayette CO 80026



1 Park St.

Broomfield, CO 80020

(303) 404-2008