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South Boulder Rd. (Louisville)

Next Steps



In June 2010, the Louisville Housing Authority donated this plot of land to Flatirons Habitat for Humanity. Valued at $130,000, the donation originally came with a requirement to begin building within three years. This requirement was lifted in 2013. The land is buildable but challenging, and site preparation costs will likely be higher than usual. 

In 2016, the University of Colorado Boulder Engineering, Architecture, and Environmental Science Department used the property as the focus of its capstone project for senior engineering students. To complete their capstone, CU students responded to a request for proposals for a multi-family housing project at the South Boulder Road property, including a preliminary design and construction plans. The students designed foundations and structures, along with all site civil work. This required students to produce solutions for grading, parking, domestic water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, electrical, natural gas, and communication utilities. In addition, existing structures and wells on the property were evaluated and students recommended whether they should remain and be abandoned or be demolished. 


The winning development plans consisted of a combination of Habitat for Humanity duplexes and triplexes designed specifically to mesh with the surrounding neighborhood. An outdoor play area was also incorporated to foster a sense of community.


Flatirons Habitat has used the winning students' plans as bridging documents to begin the approval process with the City of Louisville. 



The family selection process for this build will begin once there is a set start date for construction. Learn more about the homeowner selection process.

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